The Association of Greek-Czech Friendship was established after the first year of activity (2012) of the Czech School, and it has been officially functioning since 2013.

The association was founded and financed till 2015 by Mgr. Markéta Tomčíková (Strnadová) , now living in Prague and working as translator and interpreter freelancer.

The Association has been supported by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs since 2015.

At the beginning the help of the following people and institutions was necessary. 


•        For their scientific, moral and material support we thank:

Dimitris Kargiotis, Associate Professor at the University of Ioannina
Marios Kargiotis, lawyer
Travel agency IRÍNY TOURS and Sotira Korecká Margaritopulu

•        And also:

The Association of women in Leptokarya who provided us with a classroom for the school year 2012,2013
The KAPI in Leptokarya who provided us with a classroom in 2012, 2013
The 1st Elementary School in Leptokarya which has been providing us with a classroom since 2013
The Municipal Library in Leptokarya for the occasional provision of premises
The Czech Radio Dvojka, which presents us and donates books
JAS publishers and PB PRINT printer for donated books
Květy magazine for presenting the Czech school without borders
The Poupoulo theater association for their help in organizing social events
All donors of Czech books for our library
KAO.CZ for the creation of the website
GTL transports for engaging to transport books from Czech Republic from 2015 on

•        For their constant involvement:

The Czech Embassy in Athens
The Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Thessaloniki
The Czech School Without Borders and the president Lucie Boucher Slavíková
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their financial support in 2015

•        The parents of our students and the members of the association for their contributions and participation.

•        Special thanks for the teachers:

Šárka Záveská Deligianni for providing of voluntary lessons for pre-school pupils (2013 - 2017).
Afroditi Tsiola for providing of voluntary lessons for pre-school pupils (2016 - 2017).

BOARD 2013 - 2016
Chairwoman: Mgr. Marketa Tomcikova (Strnadova)
Vice President: prof. Dimitris Kargiotis
Secretary: Sotira Korecka Margaritopulu
Treasurer: prof. Martha Vasileiadi
Member: prof. Georgia Pateridou

BOARD 2016 - 2018
Chairwoman: Lucie Plotzerova
Vice President: prof. Dimitris Kargiotis
Secretary: Maria Tsaousidou
Treasurer: Mgr. Iva Havlikova
Member: Mgr. Marketa Tomcikova (Strnadova)

BOARD 2018 - now
Chairwoman: Lucie Plotzerová
Vice President: Marie Tsaousidou
Secretary: Petra Ulmanová
Treasurer: Petra Ochvatová
Member: Martin Frolik



The association aims at:
  1. Developing intellectual, moral and cultural relations between Greece and the Czech Republic.
  2. Consolidating and disseminating Greek-Czech friendship.
  3. Developing good-natured competitiveness, solidarity, cordiality and all valuable human ideals.
  4.  Focusing on contemporary social issues and actively participating towards their solution.
The Association is not associated with any political party and opposes any form of human discrimination (in relation to gender, race and religion).
The association aims to realize these goals through:
  1. Teaching the Czech language, especially within the framework of the “Czech School in Greece".
  2. Lectures thematically focused on the history, culture, traditions, customs and habits and general culture of the Czech Republic.
  3. Organizing Czech Language Exams
  4. The establishment of a suitable place to meet with members of the Association and other persons interested in its activities. Disposition, decor and rules of conduct in the premises of the association are determined by internal rules, approved by the General Meeting in accordance with the provisions of these statutes.
  5. The establishment of Czech libraries and reading rooms.
  6. Establishment of audiovisual fund and other funds with content focused on the history, culture, language, literature and everyday life, and in general everything that concerns life in the Czech Republic.
  7. Keeping equipped devices to operate a cultural, theatrical, scientific, school and other activities of the Association.
  8. Organization of social and cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances in to the appropriate areas of the Association, or in areas provided for this purpose free or for a fee by third parties.
  9. Film, programs and documentary films screenings.
  10. Organizing of training programs, seminars, lectures etc. for teachers both in the Association, or more generally in Thessaloniki, in the Czech Republic or elsewhere.
  11. Registering and publishing literary works, magazines and newspapers in Greek, in the Czech language or in another language, and organizing literary activities abroad.
  12. Issuing notices, printed matter, newspaper, magazines, topical articles, books, calendars, and generally any printed or electronic media for the dissemination of the goals of our Association. The printed material will be drafted in Greek, possibly also in Czech language and in another language to the international spread of activities of the Association.
  13. Organizing literary, social and cultural events.
  14. Organizing creative programs for the community as well as creative work for our members of the Association in their spare time.
  15. Volunteering in providing assistance to disabled children.
  16. Using modern technologies and applications, including the Internet, to present and popularize the activities of the Association, not only in the geographical context of Thessaloniki, as well as the wider region, throughout Greece and abroad.
  17. Holding regular discussions, lectures, educational, artistic and literary activities alone or in collaboration with other entities.
  18. Organizing meetings and discussion forums for scientific or social events that may be of interest to members of the Association, alone or in cooperation with other entities.
  19. Participating in radio shows.
  20. Events, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, performances, parties and talk shows, as well as round tables with members of the Association, as well as third parties, alone or in cooperation with other entities.
  21. Organizing thematic tours, trips and exchange programs, alone or in cooperation with other entities.
  22. Translating documents, books, articles and other works from the Greek language into the Czech language, or in another foreign language and opposite.
  23. Establishing various committees, such as: education, arts, publishing, leisure, sports and so on. Members of these committees are elected members of the Association and are responsible for the creation, operation and coordination of their activities.
  24. Providing support to pupils and students through scholarships, material equipment (eg. A laptop computer, books, etc.), or other appropriate form.
  25. Cooperating with other educational and artistic entities, associations and institutions, both voluntary and the government or public, both Greek as well as foreign.
  26. The involvement of the Association within the framework of European programs.

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